Music, Rules, and Wandering

The tile of my blog ‘estrangewanderings’ conveys a traveler who is out of place. I have felt out of place for a long time, but seeking God made me want to be out of place for the right reasons. By this I mean people like MLK Jr, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the apostle Paul, and even Jesus did not fit societies mold. They stood apart beautifully, contrasted by their culture. This has come to mind in part because of the rapper NF who’s music has been near to my soul.

I was listening to him this morning while reading the Psalms. Psalm 119 is one of my favorites and feeling led to be encouraged by David’s words here, verse 54 stuck out: “Your statues have been my songs in the house of my sojourning”. This verse has much depth and could mean multiple things since David’s life went from a farmer to king Saul’s servent to king himself. 

Which stage of his life when writing this I do not know. However, I know me and others have often felt like a wandering traveler even among familiarity. I know others have the deep connection to music, where it becomes a part of their life blood. Given that David was a musician I am sure he felt that way about music too. 

But David is telling us that God’s law should be our music for it is the comfort in troubling times. God’s word should make us want to move and feel better because it brings life. 

I wanted to share this because I want us to reawaken to the life force in God word. I want us to reawaken to God’s calling. And I want us to reawaken to the Word becoming flesh. 

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