Translating John 1:1: A further defense 

Last night I shared the argument from I spelled out in my blog post Translating John 1:1. The essence of the argument is that theos, theon, and theou are all the same word with different gramitical purposes. This in conjunction with John 14:6 ” There is only one true God” shows Jesus must be the true God or a false one. They responded that Jesus is a false God, since he is not Yahweh, if he is to be called a god. They claim that John 1:1 is showing Jesus to be divine when JW translate “the word was a god”. The problem with this is the Greek language has a word for divine. In 2 Peter 4, it says, “…So that through them you may become partakers of the divine nature…” The word for divine is theias. This is the adjective derived from theos. Thus, if John wanted to say Jesus was merely divine he had this word he could of used. Since, he used theos he is clearly making the point Jesus is God

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