I have never been a Jehovah Witness

I have blogged more about Jehovah Witness’ beliefs than I had ever anticipated. I have come to learn that Jehovah Witnesses are not suppose to read anything written by someone who used to be a JW. Because of this I wanted to make it clear that I have never been a JW. I became invested in this subject because a friend who was talking with Jehovah Witnesses said they didn’t understand why any Christian believe Jesus to be God. Since, I have studies apologetics and philosophy for the better part of the last ten years, I told them I be happy to look over scripture with them. In doing so, I learn that the JW’s arguments were not something that could be easily dismiss. I spent about a year looking for JW’s articles and beliefs and books/articles that argued against them. All this to say, that if you are a JW, I do care about you. I write these blogs about JW’s beliefs that people may be more informed. And if you ever wanted to discuss these important topics I would be happy to. I only ask that we remain loving in the dialogue and open to the real possibility that we can be wrong, even in the beliefs we hold most dear. I hope that both your and my desire is that we end up on the right side of eternity with the blessed Savior Jesus.

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