Prisoners of the Mind

2 Corinthians 10:5 

We all have thoughts. We all thoughts we wish we didn’t have. We all have thoughts that bring joy. Each of us has a duty to cultivate our thoughts as well. As a farmer cultivates his garden; thoughts must have fertile ground, bad ones must be pulled out, and good ones trimmed to produce better thoughts. 

Our thoughts might be the hardest thing, at first, to take captive to Christ. It is much like a circus up there, where we don’t even know what will come next. The elephants might as well walk properly as stampede, the juggler may catch torch or set the whole place on fire. But this is our circus. Our place to control. We must be like a sheriff, that when any thought steps out of line, we immediately arrest it and place it before Christ. How long will improper thoughts last when brought before the throne of Christ? Whether lust, envy, malice, of slothfulness, each will either straighten up or be eliminated before the one the earth obeys. 

Even if a thought were to break free from its prison per se. Our job is to lock it right back up. It doesn’t matter how many times it escapes, we must place it where it belongs. 

There is another way to make sure improper thoughts stay captive to Christ. Which is to keep the mind on things if the Spirit. Who wants to think about selfishness when the glory of our Lord is being dishonoured, or lost people are sitting on thin ice about hell? Even better when we see people’s live transform that they walk in the newness of life. This is part of the reason why one of the psalmist said, “my eyes are awake before the watches if the night, that I may meditate on your promise”. Which promise? Does not matter. Mediation on any of God’s promises is a good thing. Sure, there are probably some better than others, but we will naturally gravitate towards them in due time.  He understood that thinking about God’s word, promises, ways , was not only glorfiyig to God, but set himself free as well. 

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