The Curse Became a Blessing

Nehemiah 13:2 ” Yet our God turned the curse into a blessing.” 

This is a story headline which God continues to repeat. He can turn any diastser into a blessing. In the ultimate scheme He turned the biggest cursed into the  largest blessing- Jesus dying on the cross. Oh, that the infinite should taste death  is strange enough. But he became sin for us, cursed on a tree, that is unfathomable.  From this curse, we reap the best fruit — eternal life in the present. 

The eternal life in the present is much more than waiting for heaven. It is heaven on earth. Each of us, or most, have a struggle which feels like a curse. Something that haunts us everyday, taunts our very being. I believe that God wants to turn each of these cursed into a blessing. One, to know the graciousness​ of God to those whom seek Him. Two, to be a blessing who struggle in like affliction. Three, that God may be glorified in healing us. God has always intended to heal his people if they would turn from their evil ways. 

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