Gender Dysphoria: An Identity?

The other day I was informed on what gender dysphoria is. It is an identity, supposedly. What is meant by the term “identity” is left unclear by the author. Identity is not a strange term, common examples abound; national identity, political identity, religious identity, and/or some kind of ideal. National identity is an identity of legal status. I would be surprised if dysphoria is supposed to be meant solely as a legal identity. The legal part is usually taken as a sub-part of the problem, not its entirety. The other kind of identity is that of the political/religious which is a choice in belief. It seems that people (the majority) who have dysphoria would proclaim that they do not have a choice in the matter. Thus, what is meant by identity is unclear since it is not a choice and more than just legal status. The most plausible account must be something like this then, “identity is something in which I am born into and that is an essential part of who I am.” This means something more like, “I am intellectual”. Something which can be a keen part of one’s personality without being necessary to everyone. There is a problem still lurking around the corner. Take a person with schizophrenia. They identify as several different people. Each person has their own unique personality. Now, what makes this a mental illness is that it is a deviation from the common human experience and hurts the individual’s ability to function. Both of these conditions are met in the dysphoria experience. Thus, a person who wishes to defend that dysphoria is not a mental illness must find a way of defining the both mental illness such as schizophrenia and gender dysphoria without them overlapping. I wish to end with being clear that I am not picking a side on this debate. Rather I am writing to help clear some ideas, and figure out what things need more clarification .

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