Ethics without Christ

The other day a friend wonder what ethical beliefs would Christians not believe in if they thought Christianity was false. In other words, what beliefs in ethics do you hold only because of Christianity. Unsurprisingly, many said things regarding homosexuality or early abortions. But sadly, though not surprising, none responded with loving your enemy. I think this is because the majority of Christians don’t seriously hold that belief though it is more essential than the two listed above. I know that I hold the belief to die for my enemy only because of Christ. And that was the first thing I thought to lose if Christ is not risen. But as I reflected on this even more, I realized something else. Some of these same Christians say that they love the devil, because God loves the devil. This seems to be a complete warp on everything. Christians openly saying they love the devil and would kill their enemy. I can only conclude that Christidom is in trouble, with a very sad heart. 

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