Know the Word

‘Tis of great use to the sailor to know the length of his line, though he cannot fathom all the depths of the ocean.” (John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, edited by Roger Woolhouse, P 58) 

John Locke had a different purpose for that quote then what I shall use it for. This quote is directly relatable to the word of God and God himself. I may not know the depths of His majesty, but I can be well aware of the tool that allows me to navigate His glory. In short, the Bible is the line and God is the sea. Though God’s depth exceed the oceans so does the word exceed the line. There is no limit to depth we can swim in seeking after God. In that, lies the beauty that Lord’s joy will ever be new. 

Jesus’s Soul

My last post was about an apparent contradiction between Substance Dualism and the God-man. I argued that Jesus had only a few options regarding a soul when becoming incarnate and each of them led to a contradiction of either fully God and/or fully man. However, if God’s soul and man’s soil are of the same kind of substance than there is no dilemma. For Jesus could just keep his soul and it would be like a man’s soul. 

Substance Dualism and the God-man

Substance Dualism is the view that there is both a body and a soul/mind. I believe most Christians believe something along the lines of what C.S. Lewis proclaimed, ” you are not your body, you are a soul and you have a body”. This is a rough paraphrase, but works to show the point he was making. All this means is that our soul is essentially what and who we are. Now God is typically considered to have a soul before entering the world. Lastly, Jesus is considered both fully God and fully man. 1. Man is essentially his soul. 2. God has a soul prior to coming in the world. 3. God is fully man and God. 4.When God becomes incarnate he either gains a human soul in addition to his old soul, replaces his God soul with a human soul, or simply keeps his God soul. 5. Any option in 4. contradict premise 2.. Thus, 1. Must be false. 

I am not comfortable with rejecting substance Dualism, but I am not sure what else can be done currently.